Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homeopathic therapy!

Homeopathy is traditional way to treat incurable or life threatening diseases. Homeopathy follows the principal of “similia similibus curanter” which means “like cure like”. Since homeopathic medicine does not have side effects people of all ages can benefit from homeopathy. Keeping some common homeopathic medicine at home is of a great help. Following are few homeopathic tips which will benefit every member of the house; you will not have to rush to doctor for every time for small cuts, burns, cold and cough and various other ailments.

Homeopathic medicine can be safely used in 30c potency, in critical cases it can be used in 200c potency. If the disease occurs frequently and repeatedly then the disease is chronic in nature will need constitutional medicine, in chronic cases patient should see a qualified doctor.

Arnica Montana is a wonderful remedy to have in the house. The medicine will take care of the bumps on head of tiny tots who will often topple over while trying to walk. Arnica can be safely used in bruises, trauma of childbirth, exhaustion, jet lag and much more.

Calendula is another amazing medicine which should be always kept near your hand. The medicine is derived from marigold plant; this plant is known for its great healing and antiseptic properties. Calendula ointment is helpful in small cuts or wounds it prevents wound from getting septic.

Usually a single best suited medicine should be used in acute illness which can be altered according to the symptoms later on. But in first aid situation single or multiple medicines can be used.

All the medicine suggested above are homeopathic medicine. For best results, eating should be avoided 15minutes before and after taking these medications. Medicine should be kept away from strong smelling substances like perfumes, garlic, and camphor. Touching of medicine with hand should be avoided. If you follow the homeopathic tips mentioned above they will surely be helpful. For more details about homeopathic therapy please visit the website

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