Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yoga for good Health

Yoga is universally acknowledged as a natural way to sound health and overall physical and mental well being. Including yoga in your daily schedule will bring the body, breath, and mind together. Here are some Yoga tips so that you can get on with your yoga practice.

Before performing any asana one has to acquire the basic knowledge of performing the asanas, otherwise all efforts will be futile. One can gain knowledge about asana from readily available books, video cassettes and other available material.

There is a universal notion that yoga should be performed early in the morning .it is true that the weather is pleasant and mind is also fresh in the morning but there is no bar to practice yoga in the evening. Those who don’t find time can practice it in the evening. The more important thing is to practice yogasana without any breaks.

While performing yoga one should select the place that must be well ventilated. The place should be kept clean and should be free from dust, fumes or bad odor. Invest in a good yoga mat-it may seem like a minor matter but yoga should not be done on the plain floor. Mat/blanket should be used for practicing yoga.

While practicing yoga the stomach should be empty. At least there should be a gap of 4 hrs after taking the food. One should maintain a gap of at least half an hour after performing yoga. After a challenging workout with emphasis on the breath-body movement relaxation is equally important. Take long deep breaths to relax and maintain the posture.

One should respect the limits of the body. The idea is neither to push yourself too hard, nor be lazy. Do as much as you can comfortably and stably. Lastly do yoga with a smile on your face. If you follow these yoga tips it will be beneficial for you.

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