Sunday, May 5, 2013

Introduction to Naturopathy Information

Naturopathy is an alternative system of medicine which believes that body has capacity to heal itself if the body is given healthy environment. This system of medicine uses natural substance to heal the body. To maintain long lasting effect of health, it treats mind and body as a whole, comprising of holistic approach to the treatment. Following is short summary of naturopathy information on career.

Choosing naturopathy as career is rewarding. It deals with health care and a naturopathic care provider works along traditional allopathic doctors. The treatment in this system of medicine is non invasive and natural, using herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes. Sometimes, it may take help of massages, acupuncture or aromatherapy to heal the patient. An individual who is compassionate and likes working with people should choose a career of naturopathic physician.


To become a professional in this system of medicine, an individual should enroll oneself in good accredited college. To be a graduate, one has to attend four year graduate level medical school, where besides learning basic science, he learns holistic and non toxic approach to therapy with strong stress on prevention. In addition to standard curriculum, he needs to complete four years training in psychology, clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine and counseling.

It is not necessary for him to do post graduation. A graduate of approved medical college must pass Naturopathic Physician licensing Examination (NPLEX) in order to be eligible to get licensed in particular state or province that register/license physician in this particular profession.


Beside the class room studies there are distance learning courses to benefit individuals who are unable to attend class room studies. A regular physician can have private practice or can work in hospitals, community health centers, clinics.

. This article has provided some naturopathy information on careers to get you started, in case you are interested in choosing your career as naturopathic physician

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