Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Acupressure Tools

Acupressure is noninvasive technique for healing the sick. This alternative system of medicine was developed in Tibet before acupuncture. In acupressure system the treatment is done by applying physical pressure on trigger points by hands, elbow or with acupressure tools.

There are several acupressure instruments to give nonspecific pressure by rolling, rubbing or by applying pressure on reflex zone of the body. Name and short description of few of them is shared here:


The energy roller is a small cylindrical device with little protuberance. It is held in hand and pressure is applied on the body by rolling it back and forth. Acubal is a small ball made of rubber with tiny bumps all around it. The ball can be heated. It is used to apply pressure on the joints and relieves pain in muscle and joints. Foot roller is a round roller with protuberance which is used for feet. It is placed on the floor and feet are rolled on it helps in giving pressure to all the acupoints of all the organs in the body. It works very well for self acupressure for rejuvenating the body. The spinal roller is a bumpy device which is rolled back and forth on the spine to give relief during the massage. Pyramid mat is another acupressure device. This tool is also known as power mat. This device has cone shaped bumps. You can walk on the mat. It helps in providing pressure on all the acupressure points present on the sole of the feet.

The acupressure instruments are very useful for individuals who practice self acupressure. The instruments come in handy in an overweight patient where acupressure therapist needs to apply great amount of pressure to reach the block.

These and many other acupressure tools are widely available on line as well as in medical retail store or acupressure healing centers.

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