Saturday, June 22, 2013

Homeopathic Cure for Piles

Hemorrhoids are structures in anal canal which help in controlling the stool. They are highly vascular. When hemorrhoids become swollen and pathological, the condition is known as piles. This is a distressing a condition. Homeopathic cure aims at holistic approach to this condition.

There are two types of piles that include internal and external piles. Internal pile occurs just inside the rectum. Internal piles are usually painless and have bright red bleeding. There may be mucus or discharge. External pile is situated at the mouth of anus sometimes may even hang from the anus. When the pile is thromboses it is associated with swelling and pain which may get aggravated during and after stool.


There are many causes for piles such as abdominal pressure on rectum in pregnant women, standing or sitting for long hours, chronic constipation or diarrhea, lack of muscle tone in adults, rectal surgery or episiotomy, colon cancer, overweight people, people having diet lacking in fiber are predisposed to piles. The selection of remedy in homeopathic cure for piles is based on the theory of individualization. There are many medicines available to treat piles. Few of following medicines are mentioned here.

Collinsonia- This remedy is helpful in treating obstinate cases of piles especially of women. It is suitable for piles and purities in pregnant women. Patient feels sticking pain in the rectum with constipation due to inertia of rectum. 


Nux Vomica – This medicine is frequently used in treating piles. The indicating symptoms are stinging, burning and constricted feeling with bruised feeling in the small of the back especially people who lead sedentary life and excessively indulge in stimulants. The piles are itchy keep the patient awake or bleeding piles with constant desire for stool.

There are number of remedies available for curing piles in homeopathy medicine. To get best results, do not self prescribe, consulting experienced homeopathic physician will be rewarding.

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Magnet therapy or magnetotherapy is an alternative method of treatment which uses magnets of magnetic field to treat the patient. This concept is quite old as there are documented evidences found in much ancient text of Egypt Greece and India. Verses in Adhered has evidences of relieving the pain with the help of magnet. It enjoys central position in Chinese medicine since 2000 years.

Magnetic therapy can be used for various health problems, which include: Pain in the joints such as arthritis, pain after surgery or chronic pain of joints, headaches such as migraine, cancer, depression, over stretched muscles, ligaments, and sprains.

It is difficult to give concrete theory behind the working of this therapy. Researchers are trying to find the effectiveness of electromagnetic field on human beings. Recently NASA discovered that magnetic field generators are necessary for the health of astronauts in the space ship.


The possible explanation of this therapy working on human being is that this therapy exploits the natural magnetism to cure and maintain health. The magnetic field present a way to support body’s normal healing process as it travels through all the tissues and cells in the body. Studies have shown that magnets have the property of blocking the sensation of pain when applied on the injured part. There have been evidences that applying magnet to the injured part increase the blood flow and oxygen to speed u he healing process. Dr.U. Warnke and Dr. Julian Whittaker are great believers of this therapy and have made many observations reading magnets.

People who practice magnetic therapy that magnetic poles have these effects:-


The effect of South Pole is stimulating and activating and effect of North Pole is sedating and healing, both the poles or a bipolar effect is increased circulation and blocking the pain sensation.

Magnetic therapy has excellent pain relieving properties, there are question on how it works but the results show that it works.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kinesiology And Modern Massage Therapy

Kinesiology is the scientific study of the mechanics of motion in relation to the human anatomy. This modern massage study is comparatively newer than other massage therapies. It was first introduced as a part of chiropractic medicine in 1964. Individuals who practice kinesiology are known as kinesiologist.

Massage therapy aims at healing and relaxing the body by different techniques of stretching, pressing, kneading the different body parts, skin, muscles and joints. In order to provide maximum benefit a therapist should know the how muscle work together as body move. With the physical body parts it is important to know the clients mental state also.


Kinesiology involves the study of both mind and body. This study reveals how mind and body work in healthy and unhealthy conditions. There are documented evidences that strong muscles counterbalance for weaker muscles leading to strain, pain and physical problems in the body.

A therapist knowing kinesiology can specify the need of client and work on pressure point to release the energy blockages. It is believed that mind and body have strong link so it is necessary to pinpoint the exact source of physical discomfort. Many a time visualization exercises is given to the client with pressure point treatment to open the energy blockages. This lets the body to work with all the muscles taking on their share of workload.

Since the work area of the massage therapist is muscles, tissues, joints of the body, the keen understanding of kinesiology always benefits the therapist. Kinesiology can treat pain, allergies, fatigue, and emotional disturbances. It is a holistic therapy it not only treats the body but takes care of the heath as whole. It looks into the physical, environmental and psychological state of a person.

From hands on modern massage therapy to visualization exercise for healthy body, study of kinesiology will add value to massage therapist’s expertise.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Natural Beauty and Cosmetic Remedies

Beauty and cosmetics go hand in hand. Cosmetic companies are making a fortune selling dream creams which are useless if you don’t have healthy skin. It is important that your body gets a daily fix of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from a healthy balanced diet, so eat your way up to a beautiful you.

You must not go with beauty and cosmetics cream that may hazardous health effects. Skin, nail and hair are indicator of nutrient imbalances, which could be due to a poor diet, stress or environmental pollution, therefore it is important to increase your intake of fluids. Stay hydrated by drinking at least three liters of water a day. Keep a 30 -40 min gap before eating a breakfast. To minimize the free radical damage to the skin and hair ensure a regular supply of anti oxidant from fruits berries, and dark colored vegetables.

While cosmetics do help you to look good superficially it can be applied occasionally. Overuse of cosmetics has its side effects on skin due to chemicals plus these products are expensive as well. Most wonder products are touted as containing natural ingredients like sea salts, organic olive oil, strawberry essence, and aloe vera gel, so why not go directly to the source. The best source is kitchen cabinet which will give the benefits of these cosmetics. It is both personally and economically rewarding as you are using natural ingredients and you saving as well.

For starters rubbing lemon wedges on elbows, face and knees; will help to lighten skin color. Use half cup coffees with egg whites and apply on your face, it helps in removing dead skin and gives baby soft skin. Salt and sugar can be used to exfoliate hands and foot. Washing the face with milk gives soft and glowing skin, use olive oil as a makeup remover, using coconut oil during pregnancy will minimize stretch marks. Eggs make excellent hair masks.


It is easier to buy readymade beauty and cosmetic products but using natural ingredients is always a better option.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Information on History of Yoga

The whole world is going nuts about yoga. And why shouldn't they. It s like a super exercise. You get a big part of your physical, mental and spiritual workout all at once. Yoga is an amazing way to increase your flexibility, lubricate your joints. Before discussing about the benefits of yoga, let’s talk about the history of yoga.

The period of origin is not clear but it is believed that it originated from the east around 3000 B.C. Many scholars traced its beginning in Stone Age shamanism. For better understanding of origin of yoga can be divided into four periods, Vedic period, pre classical period, classical period and post classical period. It is believed yoga was started in the Indus Valley civilization some 5000 years ago.


The term yoga was used for the first time in rig Veda. This art was practiced by Brahmins .They documented the beliefs and practices in the Upanishads. Bhagavad Gita has several references in the respect of yoga and it has been classified into four categories, Bhakti yoga, karma yoga, Janna yoga and Hatha yoga.

The classical period of yoga emerged around 300A.D when sage pathanjali wrote the traditional text on yoga which is popularly known as pathanjali yoga shastra. It is in this period sage patanjali elaborated yoga into eight limbed path or Astana yoga.


The modern day yoga is still influenced by these yoga sutras. After the demise of sage patanjali many new group of yoga teachers emerged who developed their own practices and beliefs and turned down the teaching of Vedas. That’s how Hath yoga came into picture, Hatha yoga is a system of attaining perfection of mind and body through a series of physical exercises.

The subject of yoga is so wide that it is difficult to condense it into one article but the above description is a brief introduction to a very ancient tradition that is yoga.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautiful girls are always updated by beauty

Girls always have courage to look beautiful. In summer days they became more conscious about their makeup. They worry more about your makeup in summer and feel free to walk. Follow few steps and get more and more complements from your friends. Before going outside first of all use cleanser on your face before an hour. It will clear your skin and pours. For clear skin, look for a cleanser with salicylic acid.

Use of toner is good after washing your face with cleanser. Toner will be selected as per your skin. There are different types of toner for oily and dry skin. Always use sunscreen before half hour on your face and hands. It will keep you safe from UV rays of sun. There are many brands in market. So you can choose it as per your choice or skin.


Always remember to keep your summer makeup minimum. It will give you a hot and original look. Use excess eye cream on outer skin is a good idea. Using of blotting tissues for face is good for girls who go outside frequently. It removes extra oil from the face and always appears like fresh and clean. Try to use alcoholic wipes while outside. Choose a good quality conditioner that suits your hair so that they would not affect by the direct sun rays. Straightening your hair with a flat iron frequently causes hair fall frequently. Split ends are a common problem in girls. Use an iron to straighten ends and then apply a hair repair cream is better option to appear as shining hair. In summer use eye liner which is stays proof and waterproof. If you are using lip gloss on your lips then match it with your face color and apply it in minimum quantity. Because in summer time there is heavy pollution in air and it will harm your lips. Use a shimmer eye shadow to compliment a bold matte lip.


Beauty beauty tips for ladies are something which gives happiness and delight to mind. Beauty is something ladies will die for that. At the same time outlook is also important. If you fulfilled your look you want then you feel good and it boost your confidence as well. Looking gorgeous is limitless.

There is some natural beauty in every lady. So don’t lose that. It will always help you to keep happy. Always remember that peace of mind and a good sleep is best medicine for glowing face and skin.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Information about Sex and Health

Many studies have suggested that having a loving relationship can do wonders to your health. There are lots of benefits of physical touch and sex. Though good sex and loving relationship does not guarantee health but having good sex is known to boost health. This brief article tries to put forward some information about sex and love on health.

Sex can be good for your heart. Like any other exercise sex can be good for heart. Having sex equals to doing mild exercise. Sexual arousal during sex increases the heart beat per minute and number of beat per minute maximizes during orgasm. Studies have shown that average heart rate peaks at orgasm which is similar to doing mild exercise such as walking, climbing stairs and cycling. Having heart disease should not deter an individual from having sex. The person who is mobile and can manage daily activity is fit enough to have sex. The person has to watch out for pain in chest during sex.


Sex acts as stress buster. Psychologist talk a lot about this fact that sex can beat the present days stressed life. To prove this a study was conducted on small group of people. Participants kept a dairy on their sexual activity; recorded masturbation, penetrative sex and non penetrative sex, it was found that the stress level was highest amongst who did not indulge in any sexual activity. It was least who indulged in penetrative sexual activity. It just goes to show that people having sex coped with stress better.

Having sex twice a week boost the immune system. It found that students who had sex once or twice a week had higher level of immunuglobin in their blood than the students who did not have. This is an antibody responsible to prevent cold and flu in human being.

This information about sex is only provides you the facts and findings of the researchers.