Saturday, June 15, 2013

Natural Beauty and Cosmetic Remedies

Beauty and cosmetics go hand in hand. Cosmetic companies are making a fortune selling dream creams which are useless if you don’t have healthy skin. It is important that your body gets a daily fix of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from a healthy balanced diet, so eat your way up to a beautiful you.

You must not go with beauty and cosmetics cream that may hazardous health effects. Skin, nail and hair are indicator of nutrient imbalances, which could be due to a poor diet, stress or environmental pollution, therefore it is important to increase your intake of fluids. Stay hydrated by drinking at least three liters of water a day. Keep a 30 -40 min gap before eating a breakfast. To minimize the free radical damage to the skin and hair ensure a regular supply of anti oxidant from fruits berries, and dark colored vegetables.

While cosmetics do help you to look good superficially it can be applied occasionally. Overuse of cosmetics has its side effects on skin due to chemicals plus these products are expensive as well. Most wonder products are touted as containing natural ingredients like sea salts, organic olive oil, strawberry essence, and aloe vera gel, so why not go directly to the source. The best source is kitchen cabinet which will give the benefits of these cosmetics. It is both personally and economically rewarding as you are using natural ingredients and you saving as well.

For starters rubbing lemon wedges on elbows, face and knees; will help to lighten skin color. Use half cup coffees with egg whites and apply on your face, it helps in removing dead skin and gives baby soft skin. Salt and sugar can be used to exfoliate hands and foot. Washing the face with milk gives soft and glowing skin, use olive oil as a makeup remover, using coconut oil during pregnancy will minimize stretch marks. Eggs make excellent hair masks.


It is easier to buy readymade beauty and cosmetic products but using natural ingredients is always a better option.

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