Saturday, June 22, 2013

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Magnet therapy or magnetotherapy is an alternative method of treatment which uses magnets of magnetic field to treat the patient. This concept is quite old as there are documented evidences found in much ancient text of Egypt Greece and India. Verses in Adhered has evidences of relieving the pain with the help of magnet. It enjoys central position in Chinese medicine since 2000 years.

Magnetic therapy can be used for various health problems, which include: Pain in the joints such as arthritis, pain after surgery or chronic pain of joints, headaches such as migraine, cancer, depression, over stretched muscles, ligaments, and sprains.

It is difficult to give concrete theory behind the working of this therapy. Researchers are trying to find the effectiveness of electromagnetic field on human beings. Recently NASA discovered that magnetic field generators are necessary for the health of astronauts in the space ship.


The possible explanation of this therapy working on human being is that this therapy exploits the natural magnetism to cure and maintain health. The magnetic field present a way to support body’s normal healing process as it travels through all the tissues and cells in the body. Studies have shown that magnets have the property of blocking the sensation of pain when applied on the injured part. There have been evidences that applying magnet to the injured part increase the blood flow and oxygen to speed u he healing process. Dr.U. Warnke and Dr. Julian Whittaker are great believers of this therapy and have made many observations reading magnets.

People who practice magnetic therapy that magnetic poles have these effects:-


The effect of South Pole is stimulating and activating and effect of North Pole is sedating and healing, both the poles or a bipolar effect is increased circulation and blocking the pain sensation.

Magnetic therapy has excellent pain relieving properties, there are question on how it works but the results show that it works.

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