Saturday, June 22, 2013

Homeopathic Cure for Piles

Hemorrhoids are structures in anal canal which help in controlling the stool. They are highly vascular. When hemorrhoids become swollen and pathological, the condition is known as piles. This is a distressing a condition. Homeopathic cure aims at holistic approach to this condition.

There are two types of piles that include internal and external piles. Internal pile occurs just inside the rectum. Internal piles are usually painless and have bright red bleeding. There may be mucus or discharge. External pile is situated at the mouth of anus sometimes may even hang from the anus. When the pile is thromboses it is associated with swelling and pain which may get aggravated during and after stool.


There are many causes for piles such as abdominal pressure on rectum in pregnant women, standing or sitting for long hours, chronic constipation or diarrhea, lack of muscle tone in adults, rectal surgery or episiotomy, colon cancer, overweight people, people having diet lacking in fiber are predisposed to piles. The selection of remedy in homeopathic cure for piles is based on the theory of individualization. There are many medicines available to treat piles. Few of following medicines are mentioned here.

Collinsonia- This remedy is helpful in treating obstinate cases of piles especially of women. It is suitable for piles and purities in pregnant women. Patient feels sticking pain in the rectum with constipation due to inertia of rectum. 


Nux Vomica – This medicine is frequently used in treating piles. The indicating symptoms are stinging, burning and constricted feeling with bruised feeling in the small of the back especially people who lead sedentary life and excessively indulge in stimulants. The piles are itchy keep the patient awake or bleeding piles with constant desire for stool.

There are number of remedies available for curing piles in homeopathy medicine. To get best results, do not self prescribe, consulting experienced homeopathic physician will be rewarding.

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