Saturday, June 1, 2013

Information about Sex and Health

Many studies have suggested that having a loving relationship can do wonders to your health. There are lots of benefits of physical touch and sex. Though good sex and loving relationship does not guarantee health but having good sex is known to boost health. This brief article tries to put forward some information about sex and love on health.

Sex can be good for your heart. Like any other exercise sex can be good for heart. Having sex equals to doing mild exercise. Sexual arousal during sex increases the heart beat per minute and number of beat per minute maximizes during orgasm. Studies have shown that average heart rate peaks at orgasm which is similar to doing mild exercise such as walking, climbing stairs and cycling. Having heart disease should not deter an individual from having sex. The person who is mobile and can manage daily activity is fit enough to have sex. The person has to watch out for pain in chest during sex.


Sex acts as stress buster. Psychologist talk a lot about this fact that sex can beat the present days stressed life. To prove this a study was conducted on small group of people. Participants kept a dairy on their sexual activity; recorded masturbation, penetrative sex and non penetrative sex, it was found that the stress level was highest amongst who did not indulge in any sexual activity. It was least who indulged in penetrative sexual activity. It just goes to show that people having sex coped with stress better.

Having sex twice a week boost the immune system. It found that students who had sex once or twice a week had higher level of immunuglobin in their blood than the students who did not have. This is an antibody responsible to prevent cold and flu in human being.

This information about sex is only provides you the facts and findings of the researchers.

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