Monday, May 20, 2013

The Largest Human Body Organ

Adult human body is made of almost 100 trillion cells. An organ is the conglomeration of cells. The cells unite to perform the function of the single organ. Out of all the 78 organs of male and female human body organ, skin is the largest or biggest of them all with respect to size and weight.

The average weight of the skin is about 10,886 grams which differ with the size and weight of an individual. The skin is composed of ectodermic tissue and covers all the inner parts like liver, heart, stomach, kidneys and all the other internal parts. Skin hosts sweat gland, hair follicle and Meissner’s corpuscles. Skin not only covers and protects the under lying parts but also provides sense of touch.


The skin is made up of three layers epidermis is the upper most layer which is made up of large number of cells called keratinocytes and contains melanocytes cells which is responsible for the color of the skin .Second layer is Dermis which contains sweat gland, sebaceous gland and hair follicles. Last layer is known as cutis which contains fat and act as insulator.

Being the largest organ, skin performs various important functions of which protection is most important. Intact skin acts as barrier and protects the internal organs from bacteria, toxins and other harmful effects. Some of other functions are regulating body temperature, removal of toxins, retention of moisture, and production of vitamin D.


Skin is exposed to many harmful effects of the environment. Skin is prone to many diseases. Some of them are atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo or leucoderma. Simple skin care methods and healthy life style can prevent skin from early aging and skin problems.

“Beauty is skin deep” is an old adage and it is true because healthy looking skin makes anybody look attractive and beautiful. So start pampering this largest human body organ from today!

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