Friday, May 10, 2013

Health and Diet Care during Pregnancy

It is exciting to be pregnant and a woman has to take health and diet care during this tough time especially during these ninth months, which is the most crucial month. Women should educate her about the upcoming delivery and labor as being aware of unknown reduces the fear and utmost care during pregnancy is extremely needed.

By the end of this ninth month time, woman is ready to deliver the baby any time. The baby’s head settles down deep inside the pelvis sometimes by end of ninth month. The shortness of breath eases out if that happens. Braxton Higs contraction becomes more prominent and frequent during this month as uterus start preparing for birth.


Diet care is very important during entire pregnancy but more so in 9th month of this time as during this period the baby all the organs the baby has developed. The baby’s major mission is now to gain weight in form of fat in the last four weeks. The calorie need of women increase during this time and a woman in these ninth months needs 300 extra calories than her pre pregnancy days.

The healthy diet in this critical time is almost similar to her diet in previous months before pregnancy, but only the difference is that women should eat more frequently. The diet should essentially contain fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, lean meat, vegetable oils. Due to increased heartburn in ninth month small amount and frequent meals should be eaten. This will avoid overfilling and help in easing acid reflux and distension of the stomach.


Besides diet care during pregnancy, some important concerns have to be addressed immediately. The concerns are bleeding, overdue baby. If there is bleeding in ninth month of pregnancy and the baby is long overdue the woman should inform the health professional as soon as possible.

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